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16 - 19 Bursary Funding

What is it?

The 16-19 Bursary Fund is designed to help support young people who face the greatest financial barriers to participation in education or training.

You could get a Bursary to help with education-related costs if you’re aged 16 to 19 and:

  • studying at a publicly funded school or college in England - not a university
  • on a training course, including unpaid work experience

A publicly funded school is one like Bordesley Green Girls’ School and Sixth Form that does not charge you for attending it.

What a bursary is for?

A bursary is money that you, or the Sixth Form, can use to pay for things like:

  • clothing, books and other equipment for your course
  • transport and lunch on days you study or train if you are not eligible for free school meals

What you'll get

There are 2 types of 16 to 19 bursary:

  • a bursary for students in vulnerable groups
  • a discretionary bursary

Bursary for students in vulnerable groups

You could get a bursary worth up to £1,200, depending on your circumstances and benefits.

Discretionary bursary

You could get a discretionary bursary if you need financial help, but do not qualify for a bursary for students in vulnerable groups. 

The Sixth Form’s criteria for discretionary bursaries is based on students’ household income, which must be less than £20,817.

The Sixth Form decides how much you will receive, approximately £100 per term, which is paid by bank transfer

The Bursary is to help students with things like a travel pass, free meals or books.

The Sixth Form can also offer one-off payments to cover study trips or travel for university interviews.

How to claim

There are two bursaries available but you may only apply if you are a current Year 11 students at Bordesley Green Girls' School.  If you wish to apply, please fill in the online application form.  You can find out more information about the bursaries by contacting Mr. H. Donaldson in Student Services.

If you do not currently attend Bordesley Green Girls' School & Sixth Form, you may still be eligible for a bursary but should get information from your current school, or from the Government website

When to apply

The deadline for submitting your application form is Friday 23rd October. An application can be made for the whole of the academic year.

Deadlines for applications made in subsequent terms are:

  • Spring Term – Friday 15th January 2021
  • Summer Term – Friday 30th April 2021

You will need to re-apply for a bursary for each year of your course.

When will I get paid the bursary payment

Bursary payments will be paid directly into your back account on the following dates:

  • Autumn Term: WC Monday 2nd November 2020
  • Spring Term: WC Monday 22nd February 2021
  • Summer Term: WC Monday 7th June 2021

Stopping of Bursary payments

Bursary payments may be stopped for any of the following reasons:

  • Unauthorised absence from lessons/patterns of absence
  • Lateness to lessons (punctuality is below 97%).
  • Any breach of the Sixth Form Code of Conduct/Extended Home Learning Agreement
  • Attendance falls under 97%

Where attendance is below 97%, punctuality is below 97%, homework/unit assignments are not being completed or any breach of the Sixth Form Code of Conduct/Extended Home Learning Agreement, the matter can be referred back to the Bursary Appeals Panel. It is normally at the discretion of the Bursary Appeals Panel if the payment is to be paid or stopped.

The Appeals Procedure

If your application is unsuccessful there is an Appeals Procedure and you will receive either a letter or email from Student Services with guidance on how to appeal.  The Appeals Form is available online by clicking here.

An appeals procedure is in place to ensure that all students who are unhappy about the decision made regarding their help from the 16-19 Bursary Funds are treated equally and are given the right to appeal, by completing an Bursary Appeal Form which is submitted to the Bursary Appeals Panel. A decision will be made by the Bursary Appeals Panel within 10 working days after the deadline for submitting the appeal form. The Sixth Form will communicate the outcome of the appeal to the student by either letter or email.

The Sixth Form is obliged to provide only one opportunity for a student to appeal and the decision of Bursary Appeals Panel is final

More information

More information about the 16-19 Bursary Fund can be found on the government website: