Sixth Form

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Target Setting Day for Year 7 to Year 13.

On Target Setting Day each student and their parent/ carer will be invited for a short, (10 minute), appointment with their Form Tutor.  (Parents or carers of more than  one student will need to attend separate appointments for each).

The appointments will involve examining students' areas of strength and areas for improvement and discussing them with Form Tutors.  This is in order to help learners set relevant, challenging targets that will have a significant positive impact on their learning outcomes.

All students will have been given a "What I need to do to improve" sheet to fill in for each subject.  Prior to Target Setting Day, parents and carers may wish to discuss these sheets with the student.  This discussion may help them come up with some ideas or suggestions for possible targets in preparation for the meeting.  Students should aim to set targets that will "stretch" them in areas where they need to improve their learning.

Targets should be "SMART"; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Related".  

Specific means "stating what exactly is going to happen" e.g. "I will read NOVELS", rather than "I will read more".

Measurable means "putting a number or quantity on what is going to happen" e.g "I will read THREE novels" rather than "I will read novels".

Achievable means "setting a target that is possible" given the limitations of time, money etc.", e.g. "I will read three novels" is achievable, while, "I will read three HUNDRED novels" is not.

Relevant means that "the target has, or will have, a real impact on the students' progress", e.g. "I will read three novels by JAQUELINE WILSON" is probably going to have more impact on a teenager's love of reading than "I will read three novels by DANIEL DEFOE".

Finally, Time Related means "putting a time limit on the target", a date when either the target will end or progress will be reviewed.  This need to be realistic, e.g. "I will read three novels by Jaqueline Wilson before THE END OF TERM" is probably achievable but "I will read three novels by Jaqueline Wilson before THE WEEKEND" may well not be.