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 Outstanding 2021 GCSE Results!


Students in Graduation Gowns & Caps

Bordesley Green Girls' School & Sixth Form regularly helps students achieve outstanding results in their Level 2 & GCSE examinations, part of our commitment to "Bringing Girls Greater Success".  This Summer, (2021), students' achievement reached a new high point with our best ever results!

Students' "average" grade rose to 5.2, (strong pass), from 4.6 in 2019, showing a promising upward trend.

BGGS students achieved an average "Progress 8" score of +0.52, significantly above the National Average.  (This figure compares the students' actual achievement to what they would be expected to achieve, compared to other similar schools nationwide).

72% of students achieved standard passes, (Grade 4), or above in both English and Mathematics, with 42% achieving strong passes, (Grade 5), or above.  This compares with the Fisher Family Trust targets for our students of 54% and 40%.  (FFT uses national average data about students to predict expected achievement , but of course this does not allow for the "BGGS Effect" from our committed and hardworking staff and students!)

EBacc involves students sitting a broad, balanced curriculum containing English, Mathematics, a Science or Sciences, History or Geography and at least one Modern Foreign Language.  92% of our students were entered for EBacc, a much higher proportion than the Government target of 75% by next year, and their achievements were very good.  51% achieved standard passes or above in all their EBacc subjects, (FTT prediction was also 51%), and 24% achieved strong passes, (FFT prediction of 23%).

A special shout out must go to the Childcare CPLD students; their subjects are coursework based and so their results were not Teacher Assessed Grades but the actual grades they would have achieved in external examinations!  Well done to these students, (and their teachers), for all their hard work

Many thanks are due to staff for their tireless work and commitment throughout the lockdowns and beyond, and congratulations are due to the students for their outstanding achievement!