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DEAF Awareness Week 2019


The H.R.B Staff and students organised a number of activities to promote Deaf Awareness Week this year. This included B.S.L taster sessions, sign story in the library and a fantastic performance by the HandPrint Theatre on ‘Celebrating Identity’.

There was also the screening of the film ‘Communication Matters’ which was about young people who are deaf and how they communicate with their families. This was something new for the students, as they left with a better understanding of how the deaf communicate and interact outside the school.


 A number of mainstream and deaf students were gifted a copy of ‘El Deafo’ which is a comic strip book based on the experience of a deaf child. Copies have been placed in the school library for students to loan. A big thank you to Ms Smith-James for the lovely display of deaf books in the library.


During the assembly this week, the H.R.B students nominated a friend to be given N.D.C.S t-shirt. This was a very kind gesture appreciated by their friends. We also had a deaf awareness quiz during the week - WELL DONE to Rufayda in Year 10, for getting all the answers correct and won the prize of a massive NDCS cake donated by a H.R.B student, Maumina.