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National Book Tokens Competition - Fantastic prizes!

National Book Tokens Logo 

National Book Tokens are a great gift to give to encourage reading; the recipient can buy any book they like from any book shop, anywhere in the UK!  National Book Tokens are giving away thousands of pounds of book tokens as prizes in their latest competition - to students, parents/ carers and schools.  To find out more, click on their website hyperlink here.

Parents and carers, (and school staff), can enter a prize draw by nominating a school.  If their nomination is selected, they win £100 in book tokens to spend on themselves or their family and friends, together with £5,000 in book tokens for their nominated school, (hopefully BGGS!)  To enter this competition, click on this National Book Tokens hyperlink.

National Book Tokens are sold showing a range of different images and the organisers are running another competition for students, asking them to submit their artwork as a new design for a book token graphic.  Six winners will be selected each week during May and June and each winner will receive a £10 Book Token showing their design - and all their classmates will receive one as well!  To enter this competition, students need to click  on theDesign a Book Token Competition hyperlink..