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PINs needed at lunchtime once more

From tomorrow, students will need to know their 4 digit PIN (personal identification number) because they will be asked for for their PIN when they collect your lunch each day.

If students don’t know their PIN, they can ask their Form Tutor in Registration tomorrow morning as your Form Tutor has a list of everyone’s PINs.

Using a PIN at the till means students will be able to buy drinks, cakes and other ‘extras’ as well as being charged for their pre-ordered meal.

If students are entitled to a free school meal, they still need to know your PIN. They will give their PIN when collecting a meal and their free school meal allowance will cover the cost of their pre-ordered meal. However, they will also be able to buy extras if parents/carers have put money onto their account on top of their daily free meal allowance.

Any questions? Please speak to a Pastoral Manager or visit Finance office.