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Reducing our carbon footprint

 We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint at BGGS. 

We were mindful of this when we installed the new photocopiers, choosing models which had a better engery rating. In addition, our new print software helps reduce the number of needless print jobs by only printing documents when people go to the machines to release them.

We know this can be frustrating sometimes but when we look at the system reports, we can see the difference this is making:

In the last two months, the print-release system has saved 11.7kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere. Whilst it's not huge, it is at least a start. 

If you are in Year 7 now, the print-release system is predicted to save around 740kg of CO2 emissions by the time you leave the Sixth Form. That might sound like a lot - but look at how much CO2 is generated by a single round-trip flight to Washington:

I chose this particular flight because that's where I am going at half term and I wanted to know how much CO2 would be generated and what I could do to offset the carbon dioxide generated.

As a species, it looks like we humans will not be able to simply rely on things like print-release technology to address environmental issues. 

Mr Clements-Wheeler