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Year 10 "Feed Forward" Summer School

Summary of Expenditure, (Transition Summer School)

As a result of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Education made funding available to schools across the county to run "Summer Schools". These were intended to support transition from Primary School to Secondary School, as well as allowing schools to run activities for their existing students where they thought they would be of benefit.

At BGGS, we commissioned EVOLVE to deliver their XLR8  programme to our incoming Year 7 students - having selected them from a range of possible providers as the one best suited to the needs of our students.

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The aim of the XLR8 Camp was to:

  • address all areas of children's wellbeing
  • build social skills
  • develop confidence
  • cover academic elements including English and Maths

The activities were built around two weekly themes, ("My Tribe, My Land" in Week 1 and "Superheroes" in Week 2).

Throughout the two weeks, Year 6 Transition students had the chance to participate in a range of classroom activities, physical challenges and team competitions. Healthy lifestyle sessions were included and all students had the chance to show off their strengths in the Talent Show on the final day. 

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Extract from the impact summary provided by EVOLVE:

Overall, the week was a great success and a fantastic experience for the pupils who attended. We saw great improvements in children's engagement, social skills, confidence, creativity and engagement, with many pupils making new friends who will accompany them to BGGS.

The most successful activities tended to involve sports and games. The children enjoyed playing Bench Ball and Dodge Ball and even those that preferred to observe in the first few games were thoroughly engaged and participating by the end of camp.

Our report includes details of the academic elements such as English and Maths, cognitive health exercises and creative challenges.  [You can] read on to explore how they've made a difference to your pupils. 

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 Year 10 Feed Forward Summer School

Bordesley Green Girls' School and Sixth Form also ran a one-week Summer School for Year 10 students transitioning to Year 11.  This was organised and run by BGGS staff for selected students who, the school felt, experienced the greatest disruption of their learning by COVID-19 related issues. All of these students were given bespoke plans by their teachers, (known as "Feed Forward Plans"), to direct their learning most effectively. Students worked in small groups with the support of teachers and TAs from BGGS to complete their Feed Forward tasks, develop their confidence in their subjects and prepare for Year 11 learning by honing their independent learning and organisation skills

Summary of expenditure:

Item Cost
Cost of external professional company to deliver summer school activities (60 places booked for 10 days @ £30 per place per day) £18,000
Cost of BGGS staff delivering activities as part of SUmmer School programme (including on-costs) £803
Cost of catering (hot meals for students on all 10 days of summer school plus morning fruit, flapjack, nutrition bars and fruit juice) £2,369
Total cost of Summer School: £21,172

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