Sixth Form

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GSO Test

  • Congratulations to the following students for having 80%+ attendance to online lessons and the most achievement points last week!!
  • Nadira C 7JA Aleena A 7JA Zara U 7JA Tanjema B 7IO Ishrat S 7IO Nusrat B 7JA Suhela A 7JA Mueenah A 7JA Aisha N 7NK Ammara A 7IO
  • Aneeqah R 8AFR Rabitah I 8AFR Eden U 8AFR Urwa I 8AFR Bushra B 8AFR Tasnim L 8AFR Hafsa H 8AFR Layla K 8AFR Zalma M 8AFR Safah M 8AFR

  • Ambreen Z 9DWI Ikram A 9DWI Alveena K 9SKA Mariam O 9DWI Aleena B 9SBE Sayma C 9DWI Hena C 9DWI Saaniya A 9DWI Khadijah R 9DWI Asmaa A 9DWI

  • Angelina A 10MBA Samina B 10MBA Asma B 10MBA Eiman E 10MBA Aisha D 10JST Zoya Y 10JST Soniya Z 10JST Sophia B 10SAI Raudah C 10SAI Samaher M 10SAI Sana R 10SAI Zara I 10JST Arij A 10MBA Aisyah B 10JST Omema H 10SAI Sana S 10SAI Suhera M 10JST Rabiah B 10SAI

  • Salma B 11LTH Rabiya K 11LTH Ayesha N 11LTH Ruhey R 11LTH Hawwa S 11LTH Aleshba Z 11LTH Ammarah A 11SGH Sumaiya A 11SGH Kanwal A 11SGH Mariyah M 11SGH Sana P 11SGH Maryama I 11SSH Sumaya P 11SSH Asmaa A 11VHA Fathima B 11VHA Liyba B 11VHA Aroussa H 11VHA Safiya M 11VHA Maya K 11LTH Nisha B 11SSH  Hafsa M 11SSH Ifra I 11SGH Hamda M 11SSH Alishba K 11LTH Sana P 11SGH Savera A 11SSH Salma Y 11LTH

  • Click here to see more excellent attendees!


Welcome to the online home of Bordesley Green Girls School and Sixth Form. We are proud of our students and of our school; our Progress 8 results put us in the top 15% of schools nationally. Take a look around the site for lots of information about BGGS and our thriving community of learners.

Our pupils are rightly ambitious and they go on from our Sixth Form to the UK's top universities or to apprenticeships in some of the country's leading companies. We work hard every day to ensure our pupils receive the very best state education available and to encourage them to believe in themselves.

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Our Statistics


Pupils entered for Ebac (national = 38%)


Students go onto education or employment


of our students achieved grades 9-4 in Maths and English (LA average = 60% in 2018)

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Return dates for students

We will be inviting students to return to school on the following dates:


Monday 8th March: Years 11 & 13

Tuesday 9th March: Years 10 & 12

Wednesday 10th March: Years 7, 8 & 9


The exact start time on each date will be staggered. This is to allow us to test students for Covid-19 prior to them going into classes. The test is voluntary but we strongly encourage everyone to take part. We will be sending a letter out with much more information about start times and Covid-19 testing arrangements later this week.


You can see a video of our Covid testing facility here:


Contact tracing

If your daughter tests positive for COVID 19, please call 07561 678532 or send an email to to let us know. We will then follow our usual contact tracing procedures. 


Children of Critical Workers

If you are a critical worker and require your child (years 7-11) to attend school during lockdown, please email or phone the school on 0121 464 1881 between 8am and 3.30pm. Students can bring in packed lunch or have schools meals.